Welcome to Best of Charice!

Why another site devoted to videos of Charice? Simply put, this blog is dedicated to the true connoisseur of Charice video and audio recordings. Each of the videos posted here has something special about it. What makes a Charice video special? I look for one or more of the following qualities:
  • Quality of performance (or perhaps better put, my favorite performances)
  • Quality of recording, both video and audio
  • Historical significance
  • Uniqueness
In some of these, I have personally edited and combined video and audio from two or more sources to create a recording that you won’t find anywhere else. If you know of any videos that you think deserve to be featured here, let me know – I’m always eager for suggestions. I also want to hear what you think about my choices. If you have any interesting information about a particular performance, please share it.

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