Charice Stuns Oprah

Based on the recommendations of staff who had seen her on YouTube, Oprah invited Charice to perform on a segment titled "World's Smartest Kids." Until Charice stepped on stage and began singing Whitney Houston's "I Have Nothing," Oprah had never seen her perform. When the little girl gave Oprah a flirtatious, sideways smile, she didn't know what to think. But as Charice's voice soared higher and higher, Oprah was blown away.

Few of us can identify a single moment that was truly life-changing. Charice has had two: first, when FalseVoice posted her Star King performance on YouTube and second, when Oprah decided to help her. After this performance, Charice's Philippines-bound plane was about to depart when two of Oprah's staff boarded it and escorted her and her mother to Oprah's office. When they arrived, Oprah told them that she didn't know much about the music business but knew someone who did. With that, she called David Foster and insisted that he give Charice the opportunity to perform with him. The rest, as they say, is history.

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